MGA* is the project lead for this report and first proposed the need for a study to understand how Tall Wood buildings work and how they can best be introduced into the private sector in particular.

The team has been lead by Michael Green who first introduced the FFTT concept for Tall Wood buildings in 2008. The vehicle for this was a series of public lectures on the benefits of a transition to wood buildings to tackle climate change. The FFTT system has evolved considerably over the last 4 years and this study articulates the engineering challenge involved. The collaboration with Eric Karsh and Robert Malczyk of Equilibrium Consulting has enabled the structural engineering of FFTT buildings to be more fully explored and understood. Equilibrium’s unique talent in engineering in wood teamed with the expertise of LMDG and BTY has rounded out a team committed to addressing as much depth as possible in the delivery of these new ideas.

*this publication was originally prepared by Michael Green at McFarlane Green Biggar. Updates made by MGA | Michael Green Architecture.

MGA | Michael Green Architecture

Michael Green

MGA was founded on the belief that excellence in architecture and design is a product of collaboration, investigation, and vision. The firm strives to be a leader in both architecture and design through innovative uses of wood technology and sustainable practices. mgb is also a champion of a new sustainable aesthetic that utilizes a less-is-more approach. The end result is structures that demand less of the environment while maintaining functional and aesthetic appeal. The firm’s work includes a wide array of projects from international airports to skyscrapers, from schools to public institutions, from galleries to libraries and from mixed-use residential to private interiors. The regional and typological diversity of our portfolio teamed with our commitment to shaping the world of architecture and building beyond the boundaries of our specific projects, has lead us to expand our role as researchers, educators and champions of the change necessary in building today; climate change and world housing. These ambitions have lead to extensive public speaking and championing these concepts around the globe. It is part of our quest for learning: to build stronger, healthier, cost effective carbon neutral buildings for our community and beyond.

Structural Engineer
Equilibrium Consulting

Eric Karsh

Robert Malzyk
Structural Lead

EQ is a full-service, award-winning consulting firm specialized in building structures. The firm is recognized for its creative approach, cost effective designs and commitment to the development of architecturally integrated detailing. The firm has a broad field of expertise and successful experience, including renovation work, upgrades and new construction, on projects with very limited budgets as well as high profile architecturally oriented public projects, large and small. Equilibrium is recognized as a leader in timber engineering in North America. Over the past few years, Equilibrium has pioneered the use of proven, state-of-the-art timber technologies in BC, and has helped raise the local industry’s awareness and sophistication through the execution of numerous innovative and architecturally notable timber structures. Technologies such as polyurethane glue glulam, five-axis CNC shaping, state-of-the-art connection systems and cutting edge 3D analysis and CAD modelling, as well as the innovative use of local conventional systems such as gang nailed trusses and wood I-joists are a few examples. Recently, Equilibrium has been a leader in introducing solid wood panel technology to North America.

Code Consultant

Geoff W. Triggs
Principal | Code Consultant

LMDG Building Code Consultants Ltd. was founded in 1988. The firm provides building code, fire code and fire protection consulting services to architects, engineers, building owners, developers, insurance adjusters government agencies, lawyers and contractors and is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in fire protection and life safety.

LMDG has extensive experience in the research, development and application of new technologies to facilitate the expanded use of wood products/systems in the residential/commercial construction marketplace. LMDG has worked closely with leading architects/engineers and the CWC/WoodWORKS!BC over the years, and was named as “Wood Champion” in 2009 for our work on such landmark wood design projects as the Richmond Olympic Speed Skating Oval, the LEED Platinum Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre Expansion Project, Surrey City Centre and the SkyTrain Millennium Line Stations, which pioneered the first use of wood for modern rapid-transit stations in the world.

Cost Consultant
BTY Group

Joe Rekab
Managing Partner | Cost Consultant

BTY Group is one of Canada’s most successful and experienced Cost and Project Management consultancies. The firm offers a progressive combination of cost planning, control and project management support services to public and private entities across Canada. In business for over 30 years, BTY Group has earned a reputation for providing clients with professional and practical services of the highest caliber. The diversity of the firms client base attest to BTY Group’s ability to adapt critical thinking and analysis to any task at hand. Their integrated approach represents the most progressive method to deliver maximum value and a whole life investment. From offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, St. Catherines, Toronto and Montreal they have provided capital investment support to clients in the health, education, research, transportation, leisure, retail, residential and commercial sectors. As the group strives to be Canada’s leading and most trusted provider of cost, value and project management services they are continuously positioning themselves at the forefront of the industry’s most innovated developments and have recently been involved in presentations across the country on the topic of timber construction in Canada.